Van-Phuc Hoang from Germany (Class of 2007)

Before & After

Van-Phuc Hoang is currently studying law at the University of Bochum (RUB). 

How Southwestern Academy helped him achieve to where he is now 
"Southwestern Academy helped me achieve my goal in a fundamental way. Before I went to Southwestern Academy, school was below my interests. I was rather a lost young individual and doing other things than school was more interesting to me. It was until I came to Southwestern, that I have realized how beautiful it can be to study and getting good grades. I started to read more. The more I read, the more I learned and the better my academics became. I was developing a passion for studies and I can't say in words how much I am thankful for that inner discovery. I am now back in school and I enjoy that more than ever. I never thought that I would ever think in that way."

His fondest memory: 
"There are a lot of great memories at Southwestern Academy, but I think the most influential memory to me was, when I first kissed my first girlfriend (Ana) and fell in love with her."