Upcoming Events

April 27: Report Cards Mailed Home
April 28
-Free Dress Day
-Evening Dance
-Baseball  HOME Game vs. Webb School at 2:45 p.m.
-Boys' Volleyball HOME Game vs. Mesrobian at 3:45 p.m.
April 29: Field Trip for art students to LA County Museum of Art
First Week of May
-Field Trip to Beaver Creek Campus for ESL I & III students
May 13
-City-Wide Talent Show at Huntington Middle School at 7:oo p.m.
-YouTube auditions can be sent via email to dwadsworth@smusd.us

Arts Fest Photos Available for Purchase

Our professional Arts Fest photos are ready for viewing and purchase at Pictage.com. Click here to view the album. Sign the "Guest Book" to view the photos, if you do not already have a Pictage account.

2 for 1 Prints available for a limited time! Digital downloads are also available. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

April 11-15:  EXAM WEEK

April 12Baseball Game vs. Calvary Baptist @ 2:45 HOME
April 13 Seder Dinner @ 6:00
April 14Boys' Volleyball Game vs. Waverly @ 2:45 HOME

April 15: Spring Break begins after exams at 4:30
April 18-25: SPRING BREAK 
Residents return to campus before 8 p.m. Monday.
April 26: Fourth Quarter begins. Teacher/Student Review of Report Cards.

ARTS FEST 2011 Review

Thursday, March 31st, was Southwestern Academy’s annual ARTS FEST presented by the visual and performing arts department. Every student was involved in some way with this major production, whether playing a part in “My Girl,” or selling cups of our home-squeezed orange juice. The Beaver Creek Campus participated as well by sending their artwork to us, which was displayed all around at ARTS FEST.

Student MCs, Zak Fennie and Rebecca Jones, started the night off introducing each performance in Act 1. The students played several musical numbers, including beautiful piano solos by Chris Yeh. Risa Yamanaka read a haiku and addressed the audience about the devastation in Japan. Act 1 ended with the hit song, “My Girl,” led by Richard Avery and his talented band members.

For dinner, delicious pizza was served—courtesy of Southwestern Academy’s cooks. They also passed out cookies as Act 2 began, led by student MCs, Perry Woo and Annie Yang. Act 2 was filled with a poetry reading and several great songs—notably “Change the World,” sung by Perry Woo, “What to Do,” sung by Daisy Barrios, and “Taking Chances,” sung by Rebecca Jones.

Act 3, 4, & 5 continued, starting with our younger MCs, Jacob Orosco & Isaiah Glenn. The last three acts showcased excellent student performances, including a drama performance in Act 4 from “The Mad Tea Party” scene from Alice in Wonderland. The full production of Alice in Wonderland will be Saturday, May 14 at 7pm. Annie Yang will star as Alice.

In addition to the performances of the night, student skateboard design, artwork, photography pieces, and face-painting pictures were all displayed and admired on campus. The fabulous main stage mural and t-shirt logos were designed by the talented Chelsea Han.

Chelsea Han with ARTS FEST logo

Thank you to all the students for participating, and all the family, friends, and community members who came and enjoyed the show! See you next year!