Science Fair Winners!

Experiment Based Projects Winners:

1st Place – Terrence Amenya & Jaclyn Sersland
2nd Place – Tie – Hsi-Ping (Debbie) Fang & Junyuan (Rainbow) Li, and Alexandra Brouke & Randy Bruno
3rd Place – Tie – DanYue (Fly) Jiang, and Eleonora Krylova & Sheinaze Pereira

Eleonora Krylova & Sheinaze Pereira.

Overview of the Science Fair.
Rube Goldberg Projects Winners:

1st Place - Huiling (Alice) Chen & Mai Nguyen
2nd Place – Zicheng (Paris) Liang & Yi (Eve) Qiu
3rd Place – Xinzhe (Terence) Tong & Zixin (Aveline) Liang

Paris Liang and Eve Qiu.

Snow at Beaver Creek

Last week, the Arizona campus had a surprise snow storm leaving several inches of snow. Here are some photos from Beaver Creek.

Students walking to class through the snow.

Students enjoying a good ole snow ball fight.

The cottage and hillside covered in snow.

From the snow on the table you can see they got a good 4 - 5 inches of snow.

Southwestern Academy's Boys' Varsity Basketball team makes it to CIF Finals

Congratulations to our team for making it to the finals. It was a difficult game, and even though we played hard in the second half, we lost the game. Here are some highlights from the game.

Wade starts the game off with a strong jump.

Wade making his way through the defense to score a basket.

To All Southwestern Alumni

From Mr. Bornt;

To all Southwestern Alumni,

It is with a touch of sadness that I must say good bye to a part of the Southwestern community after 13 years.  When this season concludes on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, so does the only uniform girls’ basketball has worn in my tenure as coach.

Approximately 130 young women have worn this uniform proudly since its conception in November 2000.  That is almost 200 games played.  Some we won, some we lost, and one was the very first CIF play-off victory in Southwestern girls’ basketball history.

So why all this fuss over a shiny piece of cloth worn only 15-20 times a school year?  Well, that piece of cloth is what connects you all together as a family.  No matter who you are, when you attended, what your background or reason for attending Southwestern, how long you played from one game or seven years, or where you are even today; current student, college student, college graduate, professional career woman, wife, mother, or combination of the above.  You are all a part of this uniform and its history, as it is a part of yours.

Please understand this is not to slight or forget those who came before, or those who are still to come.  It is only the closing of one chapter of an 88 year old story that is continually growing.

If I didn’t say it enough then, Thank You for all your effort, time, sweat, tears, and yes on occasion... blood.  Next year the tradition will continue, we’ll just look a little different.

2000-01; Renji Ban, Yoko Doi, Maria Doujak, Maria Helou, Nicole Lansill, Soo-Min Lee, Rosalba Meza, Tara Mittal, Tonita Pena, Tracie Suess, Candice Tanasale, Penny Wu.

2001-02; Laura Corby, Jordis Flother, Victoria Karstens (Koubassova), Renee Keith, Jennifer Luna, Melissa Metzelaar, Julia Moskaleva, Tonita Pena, Nikita Shen, Tracie Suess, Stephanie Szu, Daisy Ying.

2002-03; Samantha Acosta, Quynh Anh Dang, Sydni Davis, Karina DeLeon, Yunan He, Victoria Karstens (Koubassova), Renee Keith, Rosalba Meza, Hiroko Misawa, Melina Steinberg, Mary Wilmans.

2003-04; Samantha, Acosta, Pia Age, Marie Arai, Margarite Campbell, Alyssa Cole, Sydni Davis, Mariama Dawit, Yunan He, Simone Herbert, Alexandra Manus, Sayaka Matsumoto, Melissa Metzelaar, Rosalba Meza, Olga Nazarova, Trang Nguyen, Megumi Saito, Macy Tindel, Morgan Toland.

2004-05; Samantha Acosta, Ariel Age, Pia Age, Peggy Chang, Alyssa Cole, Mariama Dawit, Sydni Davis, Yunan He, Ale Larios, Alexandra Manus, Melissa Metzelaar, Rosalba Meza, Olga Nazarova, Trang Nguyen, Rhiannon Smith, Sawa Takai, Morgan Toland, Theresa Tsai, Tiffany Vu.

2005-06; Samantha Acosta, Alyssa Cole, Kayla Law, Jessica Low, Alexandra Manus, Rhiannon Smith, Ana Karen Szostak, Quin Venedicto.

2006-07; Lisa Arellano, Jae Young Chung, Kayla Law, Rina Lila, Lauren Rodriguez, Quin Venedicto, Myeisha Williams, Ann Yang.

2007-08; Lisa Arellano, Alyssa Cole, Leilani Ermshar, Crystal Galindo, Isabella Herscu, Drenusha Myha, Kayla Law, Tatiana Loera, Marissa Lopez, Kimberly Morales, Lauren Rodriguez, Christina Vakaki, Quin Venedicto, Myiesha Williams, Ann Yang.

2008-09; Lisa Arellano, Sophie Cummings, Sarah Fruend, Paula Gaither, Isabella Herscu, Ai Jimbo, Tess Kirby, Susie Liu, Marissa Lopez, Cindy Manko, Drenusha Myha, Rumi Nakajima, Celeste Pylko, Nadia Salehi, Rui Shokei, Hanna Straw, Amy Takano, Angela Tseng, Quin Venedicto, Ann Yang, Annie Yang.

2009-10; Lisa Arellano, Sesil Gokseven, Ai Jimbo, Mariko Kanzaki, Colleen Kuplast, Marissa Lopez, Cindy Manko, Aiko Miyase, Rumi Nakajima, Hanna Straw, Annie Yang.

2010-11; Lisa Arellano, Tianna Gonzalez, Tara Heidari, Rebecca Jones, Marissa Lopez, Yalin Lu, Aiko Miyase, Rumi Nakajima, Carolin Renner, Nancy Ruiz, Annie Yang, Amii Young.

2011-12; Lorraine Acero, Alexandra Brouke, Alice Chen, Tianna Gonzalez, Carol Huang, Rebecca Jones, Ellie Krylova, Karen Lee, Aiko Miyase, Sarah Osmonson, Sheinaze Pereira, Carolin Renner, Mikayla Rodriguez, Annais Rojas, Nancy Ruiz, Amii Young.

2012-13; Lorraine Acero, Alexandra Brouke, Tianna Gonzalez, Emily Hernandez, Sofia Huh, Adzra Kamandanu, Ellie Krylova, Karen Lee, Sarah Osmonson, Sheinaze Pereira, Carolin Renner, Mikayla Rodriguez, Rachel Sersland, Annais Rojas, Nancy Ruiz.