School Starts at Southwestern Academy!

On September 17, 2012, Southwestern Academy welcomed the students to the new school year with a Back to School BBQ. 
The Proctors are ready to help the new students on their first day.

The crowds start to gather as registration begins.

The Headmaster, Mr. Veronda, introduces the new Student Body President, Charlie Mathias.
On the far right is the new music teacher, Mr. Gerowitz.
The New Student Body Council is introduced,
promising to bring many changes to Southwestern Academy.

The first day assembly ended with an acoustic jazz performance by the students and a dorm parent.

San Marino Rotary awards mini-grants to teachers from San Marino schools.

Mini Grants are given out to deserving teachers, who have submitted innovative proposals to San Marino Rotary. Each year the San Marino Rotary awards mini-grants to teachers from San Marino schools. Southwestern Academy was very pleased to receive substantial financial support this year. On the left, Mr. Kohn, the art teacher, has recieved a mini grant for a proposed art project for students using the concept of Gods and Goddesses. On the right, is the Dean of Students, Mr. Osmonson, receiving the hand shake.

Pacific Asia Museum

Students visited the exhibitions, The Art Pacific Asia, Kimono in the 20th Century and the paintings of contemporary artist, Gajin Fujita.

Students in the beautiful courtyard of the museum, where there is a garden and kio fish pond.

Artist, Gajin Fujita. He draws from his study of "Ukiyo-E"
and other forms of Japanese Art combined with graffiti.
Part of the "Kimono in the 20th Century" exhibit.


Herlina Dole: Class of 1992

Upon graduating from Woodbury College, Herlina decided to move back to her native Indonesia.

Herlina’s choice of careers is quite promising. She is highly involved with the education of Indonesia’s youth.

Herlina currently owns two schools. Her students range from pre-school to elementary. She has been quite busy teaching, communicating with parents, and working with her staff.

Herlina visited Southwestern this summer, bringing four junior high students to Colorado for an International conference. It was very informative, and she will bring back with her new ideas for her school.

You’re doing a great job, Herlina. Keep on educating Indonesia’s youth!

Sandra Djohan: Class of 1992

Oh, how I remember the class of 1992! That was the year Southwestern won the girls’ basketball league championship, and both Sandra and Herlina were part of the team that I coached. I had a great time with that group!

Sandra followed her passion of photography to Europe. She spent many years photographing France’s beauty. Her pictures are breathtaking and she has continued this passion through today.

Sandy has another passion that drives her- her love of cooking. She studied to become an outstanding chef! I can hardly wait to taste her cooking! Now back in Indonesia, she has opened her our restaurant. And guess what? She is also a famous star on t.v.! She has her own cooking show. Everyone one knows “Sandy”!

We would like to enjoy your cooking , Sandy! So bring it to California! I’m hungry!

Kay Yang: Class of 1997.

When Kay graduated from Southwestern, she spent a year studying at UC Davis. She spent most of her undergraduate work at Cal State- Los Angeles majoring in the sciences. Upon graduation from college, Kay continued her academics in New Hampshire at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. She received her M.A. in International Patenting.

What does she do in her “spare time”? She plays a lot of tennis! She currently plays on an Orange County female tennis team that will be participating in the National Championships  in the near future!

Kay has worked for the Los Angeles Times in the editing department. Upon completion of her master’s degree, Kay became employed with the World Patent and Trademark Law Group. She is currently one of the chief administrators in her company. She currently lives in Orange County and became an American citizen!

We are all proud of you!

Students help clean up Eaton Canyon

Echo Mountain and Eaton Canyon is an historic site of 
The Mt. Lowe Railway and hotel. 

The students provided community services 
at the falls by picking up trash.

Jumping in the COLD water to cool off.