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Haochen "Vincent" Wang from China (Class of 2007)

Jacob Dean Skillett from U.S.A. (Class of 2012)

Yi-Fan Chu from Taiwan (Class of 1999)

Blend Bardhi from Kosovo (Class of 2001)

Lucas Porter from U.S.A. (Class of 2010)

Risa Yamanaka from Japan (Class of 2011)

Nancy Ruiz Vazquez from U.S.A. (Class of 2013)

Van-Phuc Hoang from Germany (Class of 2007)

Jennifer Noss from U.S.A. (Class of 1998)

Gwendolyn Mattias from U.S.A. (Class of 2011)

Suk Jin "Mark" Song from South Korea (Class of 2014)

Daisy Barrios from U.S.A. (Class of 2013)

Victoria Egorevna Koubassova - Karsten from Russia (Class of 2003)

Juan Pesquera from Mexico (Class of 2011)

Sylvia Banderas Coffinet from Mexico (Class of 2000)

Colleen Ann Kuplast from U.S.A. (Class of 2010)

Rahul Parada Vishwanath from U.S.A. (Class of 2003)

Ai Jimbo from Japan (Class of 2010)

Jean Claude Rurangwa from Africa (Class of 2008)

2014 Teacher Of The Year Award