Christmas Traditions are Coming to Town

It is the holiday season and so it will be Christmas. On Wednesday, December 18 on the San Marino campus they will be having a Christmas show and then a traditional Christmas dinner.


There was a good turn out of support for our girls' basketball team! Thank you coming out and cheering our team on. The Sun team put in a good effort, but sadly lost to Le LycĂ©e.

Sarah makes a basket!

Lorraine heads down the court.

Alexandra looking to pass.
Sofia makes a basket!

Sunspot News

The latest Sunspot News video made by the students. This edition includes a visit to the Arizona campus, visiting musician, John Lindberg, golf lessons, singing and how to support our Sun teams!

Shakespeare on Tour with a Performance of Julius Caesar

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival performed at the San Marino campus a production of Julius Caesar. The Shakespeare Festival is a non profit regional theater company and major arts-education provider. Their goal of the Festival is to make the words and themes of Shakespeare accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, financial status, or level of education.