Basketball Season Starts at Beaver Creek

The Beaver Creek Campus Sun opened the hoops season Wednesday with an exciting,hard-fought, 52-47 victory over Oak Creek ranch school.Leading scorers for the Sun were Wenbo Ma and Tristan Hu, with 18 and 16 points,respectively. A day later, a tired Sun team, visited Rimrock high. The Game which ended 64-15 in favor of the home team was never close. Tristan was our leading scorer with 4 points.

(L to R) Mr. Farshtey,  Lola, Michael, Wenbo, Zewei, Perry, Art, Roddick, Mr.Huber, James, Tristan, Jean, Jeoy, Mike.

Wenbo Ma gets the ball.

Wenbo Ma shoots.

Southwestern Sun Sports

This fall we had Girls Volleyball and the Boys Soccer teams competing in the California Interscholastic Federation League. We had a strong Varsity Soccer team this year, 
they were one game away from being in the playoffs. 

Below, is the schedule for 2012 -2013 Basketball Season.

Number 18, Edmond White.
Our Girl's Varsity team plays Waverly.

Number 7, Masato Ito.

Edmond White going for a goal.

Starting November 29, come out and cheer for our Basketball teams. Sports Hotline 626.799.5010 x 6:

11/29: 3:30pm, Boys Basketball vs. Delphi ACA, Home Game
12/4:  3:30pm, Boys Basketball vs. New Covenant AC, Home Game
12/6:  3:30pm, Girls Basketball vs. LA Adventist, Away Game
12/6:  6:30pm, Boys Basketball vs. Waverly, Away Game
12/11: 5:30pm, Girls Basketball vs. Le Lycée, Away Game
12/11: 7:00pm, Boys Basketball vs. Le Lycée, Away Game