Yi-Fan Chu from Taiwan (Class of 1999)

Before & After

Yi-Fan is currently working as Executive Chef at Dusit D2 in Patong Phuket. It is a resort that has over 340 rooms, and 6 outlets. He has been cooking over 14 years and will never stop cooking. “Cooking is my passion and my life.”  He is engaged and is looking forward to his upcoming wedding this December. Yi-Fan recently was a competitor on show called Iron Chef, and finished for the 2nd Rematch battle. The video has not yet been released.

Here are two article links which highlight Yi-Fan's current success:

How Southwestern Academy helped him achieve to where he is now
"Southwestern Academy taught me how to be myself, to be independent and to show us that, no matter where we are coming from and what our family back ground is…if we work hard good things will come to us." 

His fondest memory:
"I love Southwestern Academy. Every moment is memorable, but I never forget this: back in 1996 we lost a great volleyball player named Boonyarit Thanapoomikul. We went to our last playoff game against Providence High School.  We hoped that 'we will win for him' but lost that game and our team was so sad. While everyone was heartbroken, sad and crying, Mr. Gibbs comforted each player one by one. I remember he said to me, 'keep your head up and don’t give up!!' From that moment, I pushed myself. Since then, I had fallen in love with volleyball.  Even now, whenever I go through difficulties, I keep remembering what Mr. Gibbs told me that day....and I never let myself give up." 

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